DURAPARTS by Stephan Schwarzhoff 

Stephan Schwarzhoff


My name is Stephan Schwarzhoff and I founded DURAPARTS in 2018 with the clear vision of making a sustainable contribution to saving resources in the wear parts sector and building an independent producer network. In recent years, DURAPARTS has become one of the leading providers of individual wear parts – with and without hardfacing – in Austria.


As a trained toolmaker and mechanical engineer specializing in construction technology, export merchant and controller, I have years of experience in special construction as well as in project and supply chain management.

Before founding DURAPARTS, I was responsible for product and sales for four years for a well-known medium-sized company in the areas of welding materials, deposition welding and thermal spraying.

In addition to DURAPARTS, I have been involved in the exploitation of product innovations for more than 20 years.

My skills lie in the individual design and layout of wear parts, the development of my independent producer network and the holistic support of customer orders through to the whole process, ready-to-install delivery of the wear parts.

Together with my customers, I make the decision, taking into account the economic and time aspects, whether a refurbishment or a new production of the wear part is best. If there are no drawings of the components, we will also create them promptly and in accordance with ISO standards.


Production and logistics are carried out exclusively by ISO-certified partner companies within the EU. These partner companies are specialists in their respective areas and have been active in the business for many years. By outsourcing the production capacities, I am extremely flexible in the selection of the manufacturing process and can therefore always select the technically and economically optimal partner for your needs. In addition, I don’t have to use my own capacity and can therefore offer very favorable conditions. My back office and I personally take care of the entire process from development to ready-to-install delivery, so that you can concentrate even better on your core business.

My network currently consists of companies with the following specialization:

  • Machining by CNC turning, milling, eroding, grinding
  • Deposition welding using MIG/MAG, TIG, UP, PTA, laser
  • Thermal spraying by arc, plasma, HVOF and flame spraying
  • Construction welding of complex basic components
  • Dynamically balance
  • Painting, powder coating, galvanizing


I am constantly expanding my network in order to always be up to date with the latest technological developments. I qualify and certify all partners according to strict selection criteria.