For whom DURAPARTS works

DURAPARTS, together with its widespread network of producers, develops and produces ready-to-install wear parts in individual and series production for a wide variety of machine types and industries. All parts are produced in accordance with ISO standards and help to save significant operating costs every day.

In addition to the production of new parts, high-quality components are also refurbishd in the DURAPARTS partner workshops in the EU. In particular, our components are used in the following industries:
Verschleißschutz bei Kies- und Schotterwerken | Duraparts

Quarry- and

In quarries and gravel works, impact and frictional wear shorten the service life of components. With DURAPARTS wear protection you can extend the service life of your machines.

Verschleißschutz in der Zementindustrie | DURAPARTS

Cement- and
concrete plants

In the cement industry and in concrete mixing plants, the nature and quantity of the input material are the most important causes of wear.

Verschleißschutz in der Stahlindustrie | Duraparts

Steel mills

In the steel industry, downtimes are costly and technically problematic. Wear optimization is therefore strategically important in this industry.
Verschleißoptimierung in der Energieerzeugung | Duraparts


Wear optimization in energy generation is a complex area of ​​responsibility. The challenges are very different. Our solutions are primarily used in biogas plants and wood-fired power plants.

Verschleißschutz in der Recyclingbranche | DURAPARTS


The path from waste to recovered recyclables is long and arduous. Waste materials must be transported, separated, conveyed and shredded. We cover the entire process chain with our wear protection services.

Every producing company has machines with wear parts. As soon as there is severe wear, it is worth calling in specialists to optimize that.