Wear parts analysis/consultation

There is wear and tear in every manufacturing plant; once more, once less. As a basis for working with my customers, I carry out an status quo analysis of your wear situation and the wear parts currently in use. From this initial discussion, we identify in which areas a cooperation within DURAPARTS’s range of services is possible and can make sense for you, given your current situation.

Most wear parts are provided by the machine manufacturers themselves, but these original components are not always those with the overall optimal cost/benefit ratio. In order to show you possible savings potential or improvement opportunities, I would be happy to carry out a wear analysis for you.

Carry out wear analysis = free of charge

This status quo does not involve any costs or contractual obligations for you. In any case, you will benefit from my recommendations for action for sustainable cost reduction in your company. As a rule, it takes one to two hours to carry out this first wear analysis at your premises. Depending on the situation and needs, I can then offer you the optimization, refurbishment or even new production of components. My offer is independent of material and technology. This means that as an independent consultant and producer, I always recommend the most optimal process or material for the application and your company. This is possible for me because I don’t have to fully load my own capacity

Perfect choice of material

The standard wear part is often made of HB or black steel. However, these materials are often not the best solution for the individual application. Alternatives can be hard-coated components, which generally have a significantly longer service life. Calculated over the year of operation, the use of such components can quickly pay off for you. Even if you already use hard-coated wear parts, we can usually optimize them in terms of design, quality and costs. If we carry out a wear analysis and it turns out that a component can also be refurbishd, I will work with you to consider whether a refurbishment is worthwhile or whether a new purchase makes more economic sense. Integral costs: (purchase price + downtime costs + switching costs) x switching frequency per observation period

Less wear = less downtime

One advantage for you as an operator is that any optimization of the wear situation usually results in a reduction in downtime, which means greater system availability. When components last longer, they need to be replaced less often, resulting in fewer disruptions to production. Let’s carry out a wear analysis and then I will derive recommendations for action, which could include: changing the component geometry, the coating systems and/or the base materials used. If there are no technical drawings available for a defective component, we would be happy to offer you the complete reengineering and CAD-design.

The right technology for your

We primarily use the following technologies four our coatings:
  • Deposition welding using MIG/MAG, TIG, UP, PTA and Laser
  • Thermal spraying using Arc, Plasma, HVOF and Flame spraying, with and without melting down.

Wear parts analysis - service roadmap

Current analysis

We will follow you on a tour of your company and examine your processes.

Wear parts detection

We grasp existing wear parts and identify those that need to be replaced or repaired regularly.

Process analysis

We grasp all relevant process parameters and record all input-process-output details.

Potential analysis

We determine the possible optimization potential.

Recommendations for action

We make our recommendations for action based on the evaluation carried out.

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