Cement and concrete plants

Due to the changed climatic conditions, European cement plants now produce almost all year round. Winter inspection times are reduced to a minimum and system downtimes are extremely costly.

Long-lasting wear parts are more important than ever, ideally stocked locally. Of course, cost optimization is desired, but the primary goal is to achieve the highest possible system availability. There are many different wear situations throughout the entire production process, from basic material preparation, conveyance to the individual machine parts, shredding in cold and hot areas, as well as packaging and further transport in silos and wagons. Friction, chemical corrosion, heat stress and impact effects must be optimized, always focusing on the above-mentioned system availability with the lowest possible annual costs.

Cement – the consistent challenge in wear protection

Cement is produced in huge quantities around the world from raw materials that are all wear-intensive. Due to the availability of the required raw materials and its strength and durability, cement is the most commonly used material.

The challenges for optimizing wear begin with lime extraction in the quarry, continue with crushing through grinding and extend to clinker processing. It is therefore particularly important in the cement industry to consistently consider wear optimization from the beginning to the end of the process.

DURAPARTS refurbishes cost-effectively in its partner workshops from the primary crusher to the roller press in state-of-the-art qualities. If refurbishment is no longer possible, we can also manufacture the components completely from scratch or coat the base bodies provided by the customer (e.g. grinding rollers). We manufacture all types of conveyor components ready for installation. I currently do not offer on-site repairs and installations.

It starts in the quarry

If wear protection in the cement industry only begins in the plant, it is already too late for many important and expensive components: It is already worth thinking about the low-wear lining of conveyor systems, loading shovels and trucks in the quarry. Materials that both promote sliding and are wear-inhibiting should be used here. Wear plates from DURAPARTS provide an interesting alternative to established HB steel solutions.

Cement clinker

The production of cement takes place in continuous processes in which there are generally no interruptions (e.g. due to production batches). The longest possible service life of all components is important in two respects: On the one hand, planned maintenance intervals lead to production stops and extra costs; on the other hand, every stop and restart of the process, especially at short notice in the case of unplanned repairs, is also stressful for the remaining parts of the system.

Cement grinding machines

When the clinker is transported from the silos and bunkers to the mill, the machines and components are subject to high levels of friction (abrasive wear). The same applies to the machine components in the grinding process itself. Adding fly ash, plastic granules and blast furnace slag reduces production costs, but on the other hand increases wear.

Solutions for the entire process

DURAPARTS wear protection begins with storage and homogenization with solutions for bucket edges, discharge tables and silo linings. In the area of shredding, I offer wear optimization for pre-shredders, double shaft crushers and vertical mills and in the conveying area I cover all common equipment: screw conveyors, scraper floor conveyors, chutes, pipes, pipe bends, sealing caps, air classifiers, rotary valves, mixer linings, bucket elevators and many others.

In the cement industry, hard-coated wear parts to protect against friction, impact and heat wear are used in a wide variety of machines and systems. DURAPARTS offers established solutions for many machine types and manufacturers, but also designs individually designed wear parts according to customer requirements.

Concrete mixing plant

In concrete mixing plants, DURAPARTS wear parts are often used in the mixing chambers and discharge shafts and represent a long-lasting alternative to components made of HB steel and cast steel. All common models and manufacturers can be equipped on request.

The following applies to regenerative coatings as well as completely new parts: DURAPARTS wear parts fit.

Solutions for cement plants

Examples of wear parts

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