Wear part production

DURAPARTS components are produced exclusively in ISO-certified partner companies in the European Union. The diversity and the sum of the possibilities and experiences of my partners make us technology-independent: I can rely on the most suitable method in my network from use case to use case.

My biggest advantage in the production of wear parts is that I don’t do the manufacturing myself. DURAPARTS is therefore not limited either in terms of the choice of production technologies or in terms of capacities. Over the past few years I have built up a network of certified production partners throughout Europe. In addition to the certifications provided, I have evaluated their quality standards myself and monitor them on an ongoing basis. This constellation allows me to offer my customers both the highest quality and the latest technologies. We produce both individual pieces and small series.

Let it be done!

I use the following technologies for the production of wear parts: In the area of deposition welding, my partners have excellent machines and many years of experience in the areas of MIG (metal inert gas welding), MAG (metal active gas welding), TIG (tungsten inert gas welding), UP (submerged arc welding) , PTA (plasma powder deposition welding) and laser deposition welding. We offer thermal spraying by using Arc, plasma, powder and wire flame spraying as well as high-velocity flame spraying (HVOF).

Wear parts production = a matter of trust

Every order is personally accompanied by me and I guarantee to deliver the specified quality to you in the agreed time. Of course, you will receive all the factory certificates you need and I will ensure complete quality assurance across all partners. With my producer network, I would be happy to take over the associated raw part production when producing your wear parts. For the production of the base body, I use the processes of casting, forging, CNC turning and milling as well as construction welding. The hard coating is carried out – as described above – using various welding processes or thermal spraying. My partners have the appropriate turning and grinding machines for the final processing, and we can also paint and dynamically balance the components if necessary.

Many working hands = one partner

I see myself as a know-how and processing hub for my customers. I combine the individual skills of many specialists to achieve an optimal overall result for you. Your component may pass through many hands, but you only have one contact person who takes care of the entire process: Me. This means you have fewer interfaces and more time for your daily business.

Wear part production –Service roadmap


We manufacture the complete component for you or coat a base body provided by you.

Quality assurance

We monitor the manufacturing process across all our network partners and guarantee centralised quality assurance.


We deliver the finished component for installation in your system.

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