Contract coating

A precise analysis of each component is used to individually determine which coating process could deliver the most efficient result for the intended application. The right partner for collaboration is then selected from our network.

Contract coating

With DURAPARTS, mechanical engineers and mechanical processing companies have a reliable partner for various types of contract coatings. We have established long-term partnerships in the areas of deposition welding and thermal spraying. The concept of contract coating is that the customer provides us with the raw component so that we concentrate on the task of coating and finishing. We develop coating systems in consultation with the customer or implement them according to their specifications. An optimal coating system perfectly covers the demands on the component. “As good as necessary, as cost-effective as possible” is our motto here.

Coating systems

To design the coating system, we analyse the operating conditions of the component in detail and define the type of coating process, the coating material and the layer structure. The following procedures are used for our coatings:
  • Powder deposition welding
  • Powder flame spraying
  • Wire flame spraying
  • Plasma spraying
  • Arc spraying
  • High velocity flame spraying
  • Deposition welding with flux core wires
  • TIG welding
  • SAW welding
  • Plasma powder deposition welding


Depending on the requirements, we offer various machining processes (turning, milling, grinding), dynamic balancing, painting and preservation for the final processing of the components, individually as all of our contracts.

Quality controls

Of course, the contract coating process is subject to strict quality controls:
  • Incoming inspection of all materials used
  • Incoming inspection (measurement, defect analysis) of incoming workpieces
  • Monitoring and documentation of system parameters
  • Hardness and balancing protocols
  • Outgoing goods inspection
  • Material certificates on request

Contract coating - Service roadmap


We design the coating systems either 100% according to customer specifications or individually tailored.

Coating system

By analysing the operating conditions of the component, we determine the type of coating, the materials and the layer structure.


Depending on the component, the appropriate finishing is selected in this step.

An optimal coating system perfectly covers the components requirements. “As good as necessary, as cost-effective as possible” is our motto here.

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