What DURAPARTS offers

Wear parts analysis and advice

There is wear and tear in every manufacturing plant; once more, once less. As a basis for working with my customers, I carry out an status quo analysis of your wear situation and the wear parts currently in use. From this initial discussion, we identify in which areas a cooperation within DURAPARTS’s range of services is possible and can make sense for you, given your current situation.

Wear parts development

Wear parts must be replaced regularly. Typically this is done by using the original components of the machine manufacturer. Where this does not make sense for practical reasons of availability or economic considerations, individual replica wear parts come into play.

Repair of wear parts

Not every worn component needs to be replaced. Refurbishment is often the more economically sensible and ecologically sustainable solution. We refurbish wear parts weighing up to 15 tons in our partner workshops using deposition welding and thermal spraying.

Wear part production

DURAPARTS components are produced exclusively in ISO-certified partner companies in the European Union. The diversity and the sum of the possibilities and experiences of my partners make us technology-independent: I can rely on the most suitable method in my network from use case to use case.

Contract coating

A precise analysis of each component is used to individually determine which coating process could deliver the most efficient result for the intended application. The right partner for collaboration is then selected from our network.

An optimal wear part lasts
as long as necessary 
and is
as little expensive as possible.