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The path from waste to recovered recyclables is long and arduous. Waste materials must be transported, separated, conveyed and shredded.

DURAPARTS covers the entire process chain and offers shredding solutions for shredders, vertical mills and roller mills. In the conveying area I primarily operate the widely used scraper floor conveyors and screw conveyors. For the storage area I offer wear optimization of discharge shafts and silos.

Different wear situations occur at each of these process stages. The complexity of wear optimization in this industry is further increased by the fact that the various used materials and combinations of used materials have very different effects on the various components in the recycling process.

Mineral, biogenic and metallic residues behave extremely differently and therefore require completely different coating systems. In addition to the effects of friction, impact and corrosion, the substrate compositions in particular must be taken into account in detail. Universal shredders and conveyors represent the biggest challenge here.

Therefore, my customers in the recycling sector benefit from the fact that I do not have my own production and can therefore operate completely independently of technology. I combine the skills of leading European providers and am able to offer wear optimization for recycling plants for metal, glass, building rubble, wood, paper and plastic. All solutions are individually designed by me according to your specific requirements and produced on-demand by my certified network partners – as individual pieces or in small series.

Solutions for the recycling industry

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