What we mean by individual wear protection

What is individual wear protection and why does individual protection not automatically have to be more expensive? Especially in the medium and long term.

If we think of a bicycle or item of clothing custom-made for you, we automatically associate this with a higher purchase price. The same is true in most cases in industry and technology. In this article we will explain why this does not always have to be the case and how with DURAPARTS I managed to make individuality economically accessible, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

What is individual wear protection?

Individual wear protection means responding to customer requirements. It doesn’t matter whether the customer needs 15 kg of welding wire, 1 square meter of hard faced sheet metal or 200 square meters of it for his order.

The supply of wear parts in mechanical engineering is generally geared towards the profitability of the manufacturer. Industrially manufactured series parts are usually sold for this purpose. However, this means that the components must be suitable for a variety of applications and offer generally effective solutions rather than individually tailored ones. DURAPARTS addresses each application individually with its wear part solutions and thus reduces the integral wear costs.

We take a close look at the requirements for the wear layer with our customer, analyse the environmental parameters and the area of application and then select the optimal coating process and the appropriate material.

Since we are a medium-sized company with medium-sized partners, we produce each order individually and can do this economically. Our range of materials includes around 60 different cored wires for a wide range of applications. We can also use a large number of different materials for thermal spraying.

Individual wear protection at DURAPARTS: Tailor-made solutions for every component

As we know from other industries, individual solutions are usually more expensive than assembly-line products. Our individual wear parts reduce machine downtimes and thus operating and overhaul costs. The initially higher costs of the components are quickly amortized because the component was produced with the best cost-benefit ratio for the operator and simply needs to be replaced less often.

Advantages of individual solutions

Precise Customization: Tailored solutions allow us to select the right materials and processes for your specific needs. This ensures optimal performance and durability.

Cost control: Since the solutions are tailored precisely to the customer’s needs, no resources are wasted. This helps keep costs under control.

Long-lasting results: Adapting solutions to the environment in which they are used can significantly improve the durability and lifespan of the product.

An individual decision for each component

DURAPARTS adapts to the unique challenge of each customer. Regardless of whether it is a small order that only requires one square meter of sheet metal or a larger order of 200 square meters, our components are individually adapted to each customer. When manufacturing individual components, selecting the right material is crucial. Together with my team of experts, we carefully analyse the requirements of each component to be manufactured and select the optimal material.

Manufacturing for small and medium-sized companies

With DURAPARTS I believe in the importance of diversity and customer orientation. We do not compete with our competitors for the biggest deals in the industry, but rather focus primarily on SMEs. In this way, we also make our services accessible to companies with smaller quantities. We carry out orders regardless of their size and pay particular attention to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. This customer orientation is reflected in the flexible and individual approach, which ensures that every component is optimally designed.


In summary, for me, individual wear protection is not just a service, but an obligation. We understand the diversity of our customers’ requirements and adapt our materials and manufacturing techniques accordingly. My customers can rely on every component we manufacture to receive the tailored wear protection it needs. Regardless of whether it is a small company or a large order, at DURAPARTS the focus is on individual solutions.